Octopus - Rapid Website Admin Panel Generator

Create Admin Panel in 20 Minutes

When you are creating websites without any CMS it means you have long way to go. With Octopus you can easily manage your database in minutes! All you have to do is setup your database settings. You are creating your website panel without coding from browser! Demo Super User Info : username : superuser password : 123321


Now you are ready to go!

When you install the application you ready to build your website panel. With Octopus you dont need to regenerate code again and again. Octopus first creates JSON from INFORMATION_SCHEMA. Because of this when you change your database and add new fields or remove new fields system automaticly add them to website panel for manage. Only 2 things you must trigger to generate. One of them is deleting unused fields and tables from Octopus and the other one is sync all required fields from database.


Advice : For best performance setup all required fields when you are generating tables at your phpmyadmin

If you want to change language of UI :

You can use combine of them or only one of them in a field. Also you can add max file size limitation.

Octopus comes with some ready 2 use scripts and functionalities. Biggest problem for mysql data types you can store lots of diffrent type of values in a field. For example the fieldtype is varchar but you can store phone,zipcode,address,email adress , lat-long of a location,list of an array, keywords and more...

We CAN'T make them all accessible for now but we can make addons to system easily.

Feel free to ask your questions to us from http://octo.bay-i.com .